DevFest Florida: The App


Hey folks, in case you wanted to carry the schedule in your pocket, favorite the sessions you’re interested in check out our app on the Play Store AND the App Store. With more features coming soon, it’s a great tool to have to get the most out of DevFest Florida.

Did we create two different codebases for this? That’d be a lot of work and we’re sort of busy. We did this with one codebase. Yep, one codebase, written with Flutter in Dart, because Dart ❤️️ Flutter. With less code we’ve written two apps leveraging Firebase Realtime Database, for our data, and hitting the internet for images, with native code extensions. If you’re interested in checking out the code head over to Github or Mike Traverso has also written some articles on Flutter at

There’s also this awesome talk given at Google I/O 2017.

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