Production vs Staging in Life

Brandy Morgan

Reflections on the Mozilla Developer Roadshow Journey

Sandra Persing Mozilla

Kotlin: Uncovered

Victoria Gonda Collective Idea

Securing your websites

Julien Vehent Mozilla

Bootstrapping IoT Products with Google

Dave Smith Google

Espresso: A Screenshot is Worth 1,000 Words

Sam Edwards Capital One

The Observable Future of Animations

David Khourshid Microsoft

Design for the Virtual World

Macy Kuang Miaomiao Games

Lunch Break
The new Android ViewModel in Action

Danny Preussler Viacom

Create Enterprise UIs that your users will love

Michael Prentice DevIntent

Mixed Reality for Social Good

Etienne Caron-Petit-Pas Shopify

RxJava in Baby Steps

Annyce Davis Off Grid Electric

Developer Tools: Using source maps to view & debug your data models in browsers

Betty Pierce Cardinal Solutions

Pragmatic Machine Learning: From Classification To Creativity

Nitya Narasimhan GDG NYC / BitNBot (new)

The Pillars of Good Design

Victoria Dieterle TAG Digital Design

Make your app instant!

Yuliya Kaleda

Polymer-Powered Design Systems

John Riviello Comcast

Google Assistant, Not Your Ordinary Alexa

Kesha Williams Chick-fil-A

Native Android development for people who’ve been avoiding it

Joey deVilla Sourcetoad

Snack break 🍪🍹☕️
Get a Room

Mark Murphy CommonsWare

Angular in the Cloud: When it's time to get MEAN

John Papa Microsoft

Containers, Kubernetes and Google Cloud

Mete Atamel Google

Decoupling with Google Polymer

Christopher Lorenzo Comcast

Video Processing on Android

Namrata Bandekar Oanda

Building WebVR experiences with AFrame.IO

Michael Rosario GDG Central Florida

Attacking an Android Application

Connor Tumbleson Sourcetoad

Build a Faster UI with Constraint Layout

Scott Thisse Centripetal Fusion LLC

Developing iOS and Android apps with Flutter

Mike Traverso Traversoft Software

Crossing Over to the Darkside -- A React Developer's Journey into the World of Angular 4

Jenell Pizarro Skillcrush // Web Benefits Design

Building chat bots with Firebase

John Li Omicron Media

Intro to Testing in Angular

Reba-Lynne Parsons

Closing remarks