Emily Fortuna
Emily Fortuna is a developer advocate on the Flutter team at Google. When not educating about the awesomeness of Flutter, she can be found working on improving fairness in machine learning or acting on the stage and screen. She is an avid member of the nerdy joke appreciation society.
John Papa
John Papa is dedicated a father and husband, a Principal Developer Advocate with Microsoft, and an alumni of the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft RD and MVP programs. His passions are deploying and teaching modern web technologies, and enjoying everything Disney with his family. John is a co-host of the popular Adventures in Angular podcast, author of the Angular Style Guide, and many popular Pluralsight courses.
Mary Grygleski
Mary is currently a Java Developer Advocate for IBM's Digital Business Group, specializing in Reactive Java systems. She has been riding the software tech waves since 1989, starting with Unix and C, then set sail for Java, open source, and web in the new Millennium, and now venturing into reactive, mobile, and the DevOps space. In her previous incarnations, she worked for several technology product companies in the Route 128 Boston Technology Corridor as well the San Francisco Bay Area. She now resides in the Greater Chicago area, and is an Executive Board member and the Director of Meetings for the Chicago Java Users Group (CJUG). Mary continues to be amazed by how software innovations can dramatically transform our lives. She can't wait to see what the next tech wave will be like.
Joey deVilla
Joey deVilla is the Lead Product Manager at Sourcetoad, a development shop in Tampa, and an author on the Android Team at the tutorial site RayWenderlich.com. In former lives, he’s been a platform evangelist at SMARTRAC, GSG Telco, and Shopify.
Lara Martin
Lara Martin is a self-made Android developer based in Berlin. Her passion for Android made her transition from her background in science to software development. When she's not attending a tech meetup, you will find her playing videogames.
Kevin Galligan
President of Touchlab. Have been coding Android since before the G1. We run the big Android meetup in NYC, and Droidcon NYC. Currently obsessed with platform convergence/multiplatform topics.
Allen Firstenberg
By day, Allen is a professional software developer and consultant, helping clients understand how they can use technology to make their work easier and their customers happier. But his not-so-secret identity is as a Google Developer Expert for the Assistant - helping developers make awesome Actions by creating new tools, such as the multivocal library, answering questions on Stack Overflow, and doing presentations... kinda like this one. In his lack of spare time he likes photography and science fiction.
Michele Cynowicz
Michele is an in-house Front-End Engineer for Vox Media, building innovative software solutions enjoyed by the millions of fans of websites such as Polygon, The Verge, Recode.net, SBNation, Eater, Vox and more.
Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz
Paul is an Android developer, published tech author, and IoT Google Developer Expert out of Boulder, Colorado. In addition, he is a co-organizer of the Boulder Android Meetup and writes online tutorials for Envato's Tuts+ and on Medium. His interests are in wearables, connected devices and emerging technologies.
Santosh Hari
Santosh is a Microsoft Azure MVP and a public speaker who has spoken at tech events including codecamps and regional/international conferences. He is an Azure Consultant @ Nebbia Tech and brings 20 years of experience in the software industry. Before Nebbia, he was involved with tech startups, where he architected greenfield applications providing services in nearly a dozen countries.
Stacy Devino
Stacy is a Google Developer Expert for Android, Intel Innovator, Google Developer Group Mentor, and WTM Lead. She has worked on Android Applications down to the whole Android OS and even developed IoT appliances from the ground up which are in use by companies like Apple and Amazon and has work featured on Wired, Gizmodo, and Geek.com.
Vikram Tiwari
Building scalable web and data platforms for high availability, resilience, and security. Co-founder, Tech @omnilabsinc #GDE @GoogleCloud
Chris Lorenzo
Chris has worked at Comcast since 2007 -- currently as a Distinguished Engineer. He enjoys building/motivating teams and ramping up new projects including XFINITY Home and XFINITY xFi using the latest patterns and web primitives. Besides coding in Javascript, he loves spending time with his wife and two children and helping out in the community.
Aygul Zagidullina
Dr. Aygul Zagidullina is a passionate Actions on Google developer. Her work experience includes Google, Todoist, MotaWord. She holds a PhD in quantum chemistry and prior to Google dedicated 6 years to scientific research at the University of Stuttgart. Aygul is a very active member of the London digital ecosystem and has been involved in many innovative projects. She is a Google Developer Group (GDG)/ Women Techmakers (WTM) London lead, Google Top Contributor (TC)/ Trusted Tester (TT), and UK STEM Ambassador. Aygul has been a distinguished speaker at numerous international industry events in the US (at Google HQ), UK, Germany, Ireland, UAE, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Georgia, and Russia. She was named as one of The NEXT 100 Top Influencers of the European Digital Industry in 2013.
Jared Porcenaluk
Jared is the organizer of Orlando IoT and a full-stack developer at Nebbia Technology. As the Orlando IoT organizer for the past two years, he's helped connect people who connect things by organizing a monthly meetup. As a software developer at Nebbia, his mission is to make software projects be more successful by leveraging DevOps and the cloud.
Connor Tumbleson
Connor is a software engineer at Sourcetoad, building software that powers the cruise ship industry, keeping things safe in the middle of the ocean. In his free time, he is a big supporter of open-source projects and maintains apktool, a popular Android reverse engineering tool.
Nitya Narasimhan
Nitya is a software architect and polyglot with ~20 years of industry experience in research, development and startup contexts. She is a PhD, an innovator (11 patents, 20+ filings), an educator and a community organizer (GDG NYC & GDG Hudson Valley).
Jerrell Mardis
Jerrell is an Android developer and co-organizer for Google Developer Group Chicago West. He's been developing apps for Android since Android 2.0 and is passionate about building beautiful and functional Android apps that exceed users' expectations.
Luxi Chen
Luxi Chen is an interaction designer at Google
Michael Prentice
Michael Prentice is a software consultant on Angular, Material Design, Firebase, Google Cloud, NodeJS, software architecture, and Agile project management. He is a founder of GDG Space Coast, DevIntent, and Market Amplified. Michael is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Angular and active supporter of multiple developer communities.
Eva Sofianos
Eva Sofianos is ​an ​energetic, ​disciplined ​and ​highly ​motivated ​individual ​with ​over 15 years of experience ​in IT, ​diligently ​leading ​teams ​to ​success. She began her career by providing IT services for Weill Medical Center of Cornell University. Soon after, Eva participated in research projects with the American Museum of Natural History and the City University of New York, before joining IBM as a Software Engineer at the T.J. Watson Research Center, where she led numerous successful projects in IBM’s Global Technology Services(GTS) as well as Global Business Services(GBS) before transferring into IBM’s Federal Cloud Computing Division as an Advisory IT Specialist, and co-authoring an IBM-Redbook. In the past few years, she realized her love for teaching and during her transition from industry to academia co-founded ​a ​technical ​training ​program ​that ​provides ​trainees ​with ​real ​world ​hands ​on ​experience ​by ​guiding ​them ​through ​solution development ​for ​small ​businesses. Eva is now a faculty member in the ​Computer ​Science ​department at ​Lehman ​College, CUNY who enjoys exploring upcoming technologies as the founder and organizer of GDG ​Bronx.
Dan Baran
Dan Baran is the lead developer at Sun Chemical. He is focused on developing and maintaining their websites and apps. He is also the organizer of GDG Chicago. Technical related passions include data, data visualizations and has recently dug in to the world of Machine Learning.
Elizabeth Tiller
Liz is a recovering film academic turned javascript developer and the current Tampa Bay City Organizer for Tech Ladies and co-organizer of Suncoast Developers Guild Jr, which provides free kids coding classes. She finished the front end engineering program at The Iron Yard in February 2017 and she is passionate about web accessibility, over analyzing movies, her cats, and bellydance.
Etienne Caron-Petit-Pas
Etienne Caron is an Android developer at Shopify, a popular Canadian e-commerce company. He is also part of Google's Developer Expert program, and an instructor for Caster.io 3D animation, procedural content generation and VR are some of his hobbies, and he loves introducing other developers to this fascinating field.
Faisal Abid
Faisal is a Google Developer Expert, Entrepreneur, and Engineer. He is a programming language enthusiast and loves solving software engineering challenges across the stack. Currently, you can find Faisal working on mobile applications in Flutter, building services with Tensorflow and writing backends in Dart or Node.js.
Loiane Groner
Loiane Groner has been working with software development for 10+ years and is currently working as business analyst and senior Java/HTML5/JavaScript developer at an american financial institution. Loiane has authored books for Packt Publishing, is a Google Developer Expert in Web/Angular, Microsoft MVP in Web Technologies and Oracle Developer Champion.
Ian Thomas
Ian is an Android developer at PowerDMS, serial speaker, and Code for Orlando advocate. Ian focuses his efforts on developing libraries and debating application architecture.
Grant Timmerman
Grant is a developer platform engineer at Google where he leads open source for G Suite APIs. He loves Node, GitHub, and plays the alto saxophone in his spare time.
Christi Kapp
Christi Kapp is a well-respected Management Consultant and Coach that has spoken at numerous professional conferences on topics ranging from business analysis, to managing organizational change. Christi's career has included management consulting, executive leadership, coaching and teaching in the hospitality, training and technology industries. She has also managed performance, as well as the professional development of staff engaged in development and delivery of complex information system solutions, solution sales, training, and customer service. Her entrepreneurial background includes founding, growing and selling TechKnowQuest, Inc one of the Orlando Area's Fastest Growing Tech Companies in 1998 (1992 � 2000). While at TechKnowQuest, she created custom courses for a number of clients and performed management consulting services. She has also performed coaching and consulting services through KnowledgeSpot, Inc, (2000 � 2007) and JustIntegration, Inc. (founded in 2006). She was also co-founder of Art In Motion LLC Custom Motorcycles (founded in 2007), and is Owner/Innkeeper at Kapp and Kappy Bed & Breakfast (2016) She is an accomplished author also. She has written several enterprise information technology books (Prentice-Hall), a UCF Master's thesis on �Regional Readiness for Homeland Security Information Sharing�, and in 2016, wrote a book chapter titled �Soft Factors Enabling Innovation� in the Apple Academic Press series called Ecosystems and Technology: Idea Generation and Content Model Processing. She has a B.S. Degree from the University of Rochester and a M.S. from the College of Health & Public Affairs at the University of Central Florida. She is active in her local community, doing some volunteer work for Camp Ohana (edutainment for homeless kids), serving on the City of Kissimmee Historic Preservation Board and serving on the board for the NAF Academy for Hospitality and Tourism at Osceola High School in Kissimmee. Her sculptures can be found in outdoor locations as well as the HOPE shelter in Kissimmee .
Matt Fedorovich
With years of experience in AR/VR/MR and 10 years in game development, Matt leads Insight Enterprises Digital Innovation (formerly Cardinal Solutions) Immersive application development for enterprise and consumer markets. Matt has an extensive portfolio including more than 30 XR projects, has become a Mixed Reality partner with Microsoft and contributes to AR/VR/MR SDKs weekly.
Michael Traverso
Michael traded in a decade of full stack development for Wall Street for mobile development. Since then he has worked on native iOS & Android apps for large corporations and startups. Currently you'll find him in Tampa working on enterprise iOS & Android apps for the New York Yankees. He's beat stage 3 cancer twice and always looks to give back to the tech community by donating to local groups or speaking at local meetups. Michael is one of the founding organizers of DevFest Florida.
Angel Banks
Angel Banks specializes in UX strategy and design for enterprise, finance, healthcare, and biotech applications. She has a background in front-end development, project management, and product management. Active in the Atlanta tech community, she is a Director of Women Who Code Atlanta, Women Techmakers Atlanta Lead, and co-organizer of GDG Atlanta co-organizer.
Mike Herchel
Mike Herchel is a front-end web developer at Lullabot and has worked on prominent projects such as the Syfy network, SpaceX, Principal Financial, and more. He’s been passionate about web development since creating his first website in 2001. Outside of the digital world, Mike loves everything outdoors including hiking, fishing, kayaking, college football, and hammocking. He owns an awesome telescope that’s over 30 years old and uses it as much as Florida’s swampy weather will let him. Mike lives with his perfectly wonderful little daughter and two very bad dogs that have a habit of sneaking stuff off the kitchen counters.
Sivamuthu Kumar
Hi, I’m Siva, Working as Architect in Computer Enterprises Inc, delivering Mobile and Cloud solutions. I offer talks to technical groups on ML and AI solutions to motivate them to get involved in it and empowering them to impact change in the world by sharing.
Betty Pierce
A steal drumming, beer drinking, barefoot running, mama who went from professional musician to coding for cash. Betty is a Sr. UI/UX Developer at Agile Thought with over 18 years of coding experience in Tampa Florida. Betty is also director of Women Who Code Tampa and Girl Develop It (GDI) Instructor. She shares her passion for coding and emerging tech by speaking at conferences and meetups. Betty most recently presented at Walt Disney World #DevFestFL and at #UXDSummit in Ft Lauderdale. She has worked in varied industries from government to advertising and now consults with Agile Thought. She builds everything from enterprise apps in Angular or React to UX to small business Wordpress sites and HTML5 games. This happy mama of five can be found cooking, cleaning and swinging kettlebells in her spare time.
Sam Edwards
Sam is a Lead Android Engineer at Capital One, Google Developer Expert for Android and Instructor at Caster.IO. He has been working with Android since 2011 and has over 14 years of professional experience with software development. Check out https://handstandsam.com where he shares tips and tricks about Android and software development.